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Gray Color Contacts

Dimple is reinventing color contact lenses, one shade at a time. With our ultra-natural Mellow range, and our bright and bold Hello range, you have two chances to enjoy each versatile and believable shade. Don’t let nature tell you how your eyes should shine! With Dimple, you can change your look with your mood or completely reinvent yourself. The sky is the limit!

Gray Color Contacts

Fall in love with this exceptional shade today. Whether you want our light gray contacts to provide an unsaturated pale contrast to blue, or you want to scream your individuality to the world with our bold Hello range, you’re sure to find a match made in heaven. Gray eyes are ultra-rare to find naturally, so they turn heads wherever they go. Dress your look up with this unusual shade, and turn heads every time you enter the room.
gray contact lenses


Dimple’s gray eye contacts are made with only the highest quality materials in Australia. We create our lenses with an especially high water content, helping you to maintain a fresh, happy, and hydrated sparkle in your eyes. Our gray colored contacts reach you stored in a BioMoist formula that will make sure your eye feels comfortable even if you wear them all day long.
gray color contacts

Quality Control

Dimple maintains the strictest quality control. Every set of gray contacts (non-prescription or prescription) we ship is checked to ensure they meet our high standards.

How to Pair

Eye Shadows

With gray contact lenses, you want to let the unusual color speak for itself. So it’s best to not overwhelm this shade with color. Oddly, orange undertones to the shade make the gray pop, however. So copper, peach, and salmon all look good. Sooty, smokey shades create a dramatic ambience.

Hair Color

Gray eyes are unusual in nature, but found across a full spectrum of hair colors. It’s a neutral and striking eye color, however, so pair your gray eye contacts with your hair carefully, and consider your skin tone too. The red spectrum tends to clash, so save your copper or auburn for another lens color. However, strawberry blonde is an exception to that, and looks amazing. Black or grey/platinum hair provides a dramatic contrast, while cool-tone browns, and both pale and dark cool blondes look good.

Skin Tones

At Dimple, we believe grey color contacts are for everyone! That said, this unusual shade looks really, really good on skin tones across the spectrum with a cool undertone. So it doesn’t matter if you’re the deepest ebony or the palest ivory, if you lean to cool colors and have the classic cool skin undertone, this product will look amazing on you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Clean

You will care for and clean your grey color contacts just like any other contact lens. Once you remove them, lay them on your palm and apply a few drops to a quality lens cleaner. Gently swirl it on the lens with your finger for 10-15 seconds, then rinse with the solution (if advised) and store them in the case.

Are Color Contacts Safe?

Color contacts are very safe to wear. Provided they are high-quality! Low-quality lenses can scratch the eye or impact its shape. High-quality lenses, however, should sit on the eye like a second skin, and should cause no irritation. Of course, good hygiene and correct storage are needed.

Can You Wear Gray Color Contacts with Astigmatism

You absolutely can wear gray prescription contacts with Astigmatism! While you can’t buy them off-the-shelf, Dimple makes lenses with prescriptions in mind, too. Lenses for astigmatic wearers are called ‘toric’, and have a unique shape that helps compensate for the astigmatism as well as looks good.

Introduction to Dimple

Who We Are

It’s Dimple’s mission to become the very best color contact lens manufacturer in the world. We want to bring you a seamless blend of amazing color, perfect comfort, and long-lasting quality, all at a price you’re happy to pay. Whether you need prescription or non-prescription contact lenses, we have you covered. Why not enjoy your favorite colors from our range today?

Why Our Lenses

The real question is, why not? We use superior manufacturing techniques to ensure each and every pair, both prescription and nonprescription, are perfect. Our unique design ensures comfortable, long-wearing lenses that don’t need oodles of ‘comfort drops’ just to feel good. And it doesn’t matter if you’re Mellow by nature or want all the drama of the Hello range, we’ve got just the right color lenses for you. Try the Dimple difference today- you won’t look back!

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