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White Cat Eye Color Contact Costume Ideas

Step up your next Halloween costume or cosplay character with some white contacts that make your eyes look dramatic and terrifying. The white cat's eye lens is white on the outside with a black vertical oval in the middle that looks like the eye of a cat. White eye contacts are easy to put in and give you that extra dramatic effect that will make you look and feel like your favorite character. Cosplay is extremely popular and the themes and costumes are getting more and more elaborate. With white contact lenses or color contacts, you can achieve that look you deserve when you attend events such as Fan Expo or Comicon as your favorite character.

Specifications for white cat's eye contact lenses:

  • Diameter - 14.2 millimeters
  • Base - 8.6 millimeters
  • Material - Methafilcon - B
  • Frequency of Use - Daily
  • Water content - 55 percent
  • Type of lens - Soft
These lenses are designed to coat the eye in a combination of BioMoist formula and water so the lens never feels gritty or uncomfortable. The technology used in these high quality lenses guarantees the lens to stay on straight on the eye so you never have that awkward moment where your irises are facing in different directions.

A high quality lens will have the following characteristics:

  • high water content to keep the eye moist and comfortable the whole day
  • uniform thinness across the lens for comfort and stability
  • UV protection to safeguard the eye against harmful rays
  • combination of formula and water to keep the eye hydrated and safe
The best color contact lenses will cover the natural eye completely and provide enough protection and moisture for the wearer to last the day. There are some safety precautions you should follow when using these contact lenses.

Safety precautions

When using white Halloween contact lenses or any color contacts, it is important to follow these safety guidelines so you don't damage your eyes:
  • Don't drive with your contact lenses on
  • Only use the contact lenses once or as recommended by the manufacturer and discard them as soon as you are finished with them
  • Don't share your contacts with anyone else
  • Don't sleep with your contacts on
  • If you experience any kind of irritation, discomfort or pain, remove immediately and seek medical help

Costumes for White Cat Eyes

You may already have your killer costume in mind for this year's Comic Book Convention, but do you have the right eyes for your character to bring the outfit together? There are several costumes for the white cat's eye contact lens that will put you at the top of the VIP list for any costumed event.


One popular costume to wear with white Halloween contacts is Catwoman. This dynamic female anti-hero is one of DCs more complex characters and the costume she has makes everyone who dons the leather look and feel powerful. Being a cat, naturally she has cat's eyes, so these unique lenses are the perfect fit for this lady cat. It looks like you have the ability to see in the dark and can open and close your iris like a camera aperture.

Zombies in The Walking Dead

Another fun character to play with white costume contacts is any zombie character from Walking Dead. The creepy look of the thin black oval in the middle of a pure white eye fits in perfectly with these costumes and will freak out the residence when you take a slow stroll through the neighborhood. Make sure you drag your leg loudly for dramatic effect.

White Walkers from Game of Thrones

These chilly ghouls have eyes that can peer into the depths of your soul. While most have ice blue, the white cat's eye contact is equally as chilling when you put on your tattered suit of armor and follow the Night King to your death.

Evil Galadriel from LOR

Galadriel from Lord of the Rings turns into a power hungry sorceress when she senses the weight of the Ring. This crazed elf queen is the perfect costume for cat's eyes white contact lenses and some very dramatic makeup. The scene where she describes what she would do with the ultimate power the ring would give her is terrifying and makes the perfect character for Halloween.
Whether you are heading out on the town to a cosplay party and want to add dramatic effect to your costume or waiting to see your favorite comic book characters at a convention, the white cat's eye contact lenses are the perfect accompaniment to any outfit. With the unique vertical iris and comfortable hydration system, you can wear these lenses all day and night with confidence and flare.

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