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Yellow Color Contact Costume Ideas

If you are looking for the purr-fect color contacts to match your catty mood, then try these yellow costume contacts for your next party or cosplay meetup. These are the best color contact lenses to create a feline effect and dazzle your fellow kitties with dramatic intensity. The yellow cat eye lenses feature a yellow background with black vertical oval in the center like a cat's eye. The center is clear so your natural eye can see through the lens. These work very well with The lens is soft and thin to make the wearer comfortable and provide full coverage over the natural eye.
These soft contact lenses are meant to be worn daily and then discarded once you are finished with them. There are 8 steps to putting the lenses on that are simple and can be viewed in a handy video.

8 steps to putting on lenses

  • soaking your lenses in solution for 6-8 hours before you put them in your eye
  • checking to make sure your lens is the right shape before putting them in, a curve around the edges indicates that the lens is upside down
  • dousing with some solution before putting them in your eye
  • refilling your container with a fresh solution before removing the lenses

Other features of these lenses are:

  • Balanced to keep the lens in place all-day
  • High water content to keep your eyes moist and irritation-free.
  • Unique formula to moisten the lens all day.
  • UV protection so the eye is safe from the effects of the sun.
  • FDA and TGA approved, made with the highest standards in Australia.
If you decide on wearing yellow contact lenses for Halloween but haven't decided on the costume, here are some ideas to help you along.

Perfect costumes for Yellow Halloween contact lenses

The Beast from Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is an iconic Disney classic that is rife with characters that you can dress up as for a Halloween party or costumed ball at an old mansion. The beast was once a dashing young prince but was transformed into a hideous beast that resembles a lion with yellow eyes that glow in a terrifying way. Turn yourself into this beast with some yellow eye contacts, makeup, wig and the fashionable tails, vest and pants with a ruffled neck collar. Carrying a red rose is also a nice touch, especially if you are being accompanied by your own Belle.

Senko the Helpful Fox

If you are a fan of anime, then you know the fox shows up in many storylines and the usual characteristics include fox ears, blonde or white hair, and in some foxes, yellow cat's eyes with vertical irises. Senko is a helpful fox character with blonde hair and yellow eyes who is very gentle and kind. The yellow Halloween contact lenses would make the perfect addition to any Senko costume at your next anime convention.

The Grinch

You're a mean one, Mr Grinch and you can tell how mean you are by the yellow of your eyes! This character can be so much fun to dress up with green makeup or green fabric, yellow contact lenses with vertical irises, and a Santa suit. This costume would be perfect for a costume party, trick-or-treating or for sliding down the tall mountain you live on to creep around the town below and steal their presents. Whatever your plans are.

Black Hanekawa (anime)

This anime costume includes a long white wig, yellow costume contacts, and different choices of skimpy clothing. With large white cat's ears and yellow eyes, this villainous character is fun to dress up as for cosplay and if you really want to get into character try speaking and purring at the same time.
Like prescription lenses, there are some things to avoid around the use of color contact lenses:

Things to avoid when using lenses:

  • driving
  • sharing lenses with someone else
  • falling asleep with them in your eye
  • ignoring pain or discomfort, seek medical help immediately
  • using outside of the guidelines set out by the manufacture
Avoiding these activities will let you wear the yellow Halloween contact lens safely with no damage to your eye.
Color contact lenses are very popular fashion accessories, and are used for personal use, in movies and television, cosplay and Halloween costumes. You don't want to put just any lens in your eye, you want the best and the safest, so when you use a yellow cat eye lens, make sure it is of the highest quality.

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