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Brown Color Contacts

Caramel and toffee, or decadent chocolate? Dimple offers our luscious brown collection in both the softer Mellow collection and the big and bold Hello collection, so it doesn’t matter what light brown color contacts you’re looking for, you’re sure to find one that delights. Let’s take a closer look!

Brown Color Contacts

Brown eyes are soft and welcoming, opening up your face and making you look friendly and trustworthy. It’s time to reinvent how you see brown in the mirror with Dimple’s premium brown non-prescription lenses. Not that we’ve forgotten our prescription-using clients, either! Simply send us the specs of your script and we’ll custom-make you a gorgeous pair, too. The only question is where you will wear them first!
brown color contacts


Our brown color contact lenses are made in Australia to exacting standards. Our brown color contacts ship to you floating in our special BioMoist formula, ensuring they feel comfortable on your eye throughout the day. They are made with a high water content to maintain the fresh and hydrated look of your eyes all day long. We know that the earth matters to you as much as your next fashionable look, too, so we minimize packaging and use recycled material wherever we can.

Quality Control

Nor do we set standards and hope for the best. Dimple enacts a vigorous quality control process to ensure we can stand proudly behind every lens in our collection. So you can rest assured, no matter where fashion-forward eyes take you, we’ll have you covered with only the best.

How to Pair

Eye Shadows

Gold has been the go-to shade for brown eyes for decades. A subtle shimmer lights up the pigment in the eye and makes it sparkle. Take that one step further with wine reds and maroons, coppers, bronzes, rose gold, and even a soft, shimmery yellow. In fact, most warm tones with a hint of sparkle will bring out the same effect in stunning brown contact lenses

Hair Color

There’s no color that doesn’t suit brown eye contact. It is, after all, one of the most common shades in the world! If you really want to make your new eye color stand out, opt for intense and rich hair colors throughout the spectrum. You can contrast light brown eye contacts with honey blondes, or make deeper brown contacts dazzle with copper or jet black. You can even experiment with a rich maroon. 

Skin Tones

Think of your deep brown or light brown eye contacts as a universal shade. There’s no skin color or undertone that doesn’t look magnificent with this combination. Seriously, everyone looks great in this lens. Just give it a try!
brown color contacts

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Clean Color Contacts?

We have an in-depth post about cleaning your brown eye contacts, but basically you need a quality lens cleaning solution. Gently swish the solution over the lens by rubbing for 10 seconds, then rinse (if advised by the solution manufacturer) and safely store. 

Are Color Contacts Safe?

High-quality color contacts are safe to wear. It’s important you clean and treat them correctly, and do not use them if you have an eye infection. Of course, you should never share your color contacts either! If hygienically cleaned, properly fitted, and well treated, color contacts are no different to regular contacts, and both can be safely worn

Can You Wear Brown Color Contacts with Astigmatism

You can wear Dimple’s prescription brown color contacts with astigmatism. You need a toric lens, a special shape that helps offset your astigmatism so you can see perfectly. While not all color contact lens makers make toric lenses for astigmatism, we do. All we need is your prescription and you’ll be ready to go!

Introduction to Dimple

Who We Are

Dimple loves to help people reinvent their look and their approach to contact lenses. Gone are the days when no one with a prescription could wear them, and those who did looked theatrical. We’re proud to bring you results that bring in compliment after compliment, with no one believing they aren’t your real eye quality. Our premium color contact lensesare high-quality and comfortable to wear, too!

Why Our Lenses

It’s time you experienced the Dimple difference. No matter how you color your world, we have color contact lenses to match. Whether you want to seal the deal on a new you, or change your eye color at whim, it’s time to experience what premium lenses and expert manufacturing can bring to your life. 
Are you keen to meet a new you? Why not give your Dimple brown color contacts a try today?

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