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How to Clean Color Contacts

How do you Clean Color Contacts?

Are you hesitant to explore the world of color contact lenses because you don’t know the best way to clean color contacts? No need to panic. The Dimple eye experts are here to help you make the most of your color contacts with some top tips on keeping them safe, hygienic, and comfortable through proper cleaning. 

Why do Color Contact Lenses Need Cleaning?

Anyone who uses prescription contact lenses knows how important it is to clean color contact lenses properly, but if you’re hoping to use them for cosmetic purposes, you might not be familiar with it. Color eye contacts need cleaning for hygiene purposes, as well as to extend the life of the lens.
It’s important to realize that any contact lens inserted into the eye acts as a medical device, even if you’re only using them for fashion. This is also why Dimple encourages you to have your lenses properly fitted to your eye by a trained pro!

Contact Lenses and your Eye

The eye is kept moist through the day by your tears, which aren’t pure water- they contain salt, mineral traces, and even protein and fat. This can build up to create microscopic ‘gunk’ on your lenses after each wear. Imagine pulling them out and just leaving that junk there until the next time! Don’t assume it’s enough to just float them in the case, either. You need to properly sanitize them before placing them in the hydrating storage solution.
Daily contact lenses can be worn once and tossed away, but they’re pricey and often not on offer for color contacts, especially prescription ranges. While you should still throw away a monthly lens at the end of the month, you need to keep it clean, maintained, and hygienic for that month of wear. That way, they stay intact and you receive the same comfortable experience every day. Luckily, it’s easy to do!

How to Clean Color Contacts

First of all, it’s critically important to always wash your hands before you handle your color lenses. That’s putting them in as well as taking them out! That way you don’t spread bacteria or contaminants to your eye from your hands. Do makeup after insertion, not before.
Never, ever use water on your color contacts. Only use a proper cleaning solution made for lenses and, if relevant, a separate storage solution. Some cleaners offer an all-in-one option. If you wash your storage case, rinse well and allow it to dry before use. Change the lens case four times a year.

Storing Color Contacts

You will want to refresh the storage solution every time you take the lenses out to wear. Make sure your cleaned color contacts only go back into a fresh batch. If you have a prescription color lens, make sure to always store the right and left lens in the right cups. If you don’t, it’s still not good to change the lens between eyes, so pick one for each side and stick to it. This cuts down on the chance of infection spreading.
Now, have your cleaning solution and your case with fresh solution ready. Wash your hands! We’re going to remove the lens by looking straight ahead, placing the soft fingertip on the lens, and ‘pinching’ it off the eye. No nails! Just gently make the motion with your finger. Don’t drop the lens.
Cup the lens in the palm of your hand. Apply a few drops of the cleaning solution to the side facing you. Use the soft tip of your finger in gentle, circular motion for 15 seconds on the lens surface. Repeat on the other hand. It’s a good idea to make sure your lens is the right way around at the point, and not inside-out.
If your cleaning solution advises it, rinse the lens with a few more drops of solution, and carefully place it in the correct cup of the case. Repeat with the other side. We advise washing your hands in-between.
However, a ‘no rub’ cleaning solution will only need to soak your lenses overnight in the case, replacing the saline storage solution. This only works if it specifies it’s a no-rub product. They can be good to extend the life of color lenses. If you use no-rub products, it’s extra important that you replace your solution every single time. 

Introduction to Dimple Color

Now you know how to make the most of your color contact lenses through properly cleaning them, why not treat yourself to something special from Dimple’s premium color contact range? Every lens is made to exacting standards, ensuring a safe, comfortable, and fun color experience. Which will you try first?

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