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5 Reasons to Wear Color Contacts

Are you keen to try color contacts, but not sure if it’s the right move for you? Today the Dimple Team has put together a simple guide  to five good reasons to try color contact lenses today. While once a very limited niche of the contact lens market, today you can find color contacts in a range of styles, lens types, and even prescription as well as non-prescription types. In short, the color lens world is your oyster. Which color will you try first? 

Color Contacts: An Overview

Color contacts are a fun way to shake up your look and lift your spirit. Since the dawn of time, people have been finding enticing ways to enhance their looks. From something simple like makeup of hair dye, through to sometimes extreme body modifications. Luckily there’s a far simpler, less intensive way to dramatically change your look- color contact lenses. What reasons do people give for wearing colored contacts? Let’s take a look at a few. 

Reason #1 - Change your look

What if we told you you could drastically change your look without committing to a single thing? It’s not like a haircut or a dye job, where you're committing to the changes for a while. If you get bored, or don’t like the look, pop out the color contacts and everything is back to normal.

Reason #2 - Just like regular contacts

While color eye contacts for people who don’t wear prescription lenses are common, they’re also a great way for people who do use an eye prescription to enjoy a fresh new look. After all, you’re used to your contact lenses already. Why not elevate them from a boring medical device to something that adds style to your day. 

Reason #3 - Self-confidence shines

Sometimes the world is hard on us all. Presenting a face we’re proud of to the world does a lot to help boost our self-esteem and make us feel more confident. Oftentimes that’s tied to how we dress, care for ourselves, and feel when we look in the mirror. Experimenting with eye color can be a fun and healthy way to boost your self-confidence and feel better. 

Reason #4 - Turn heads

Have you ever fantasied about being that person who turns heads wherever you go? With color contact lenses, you can have that experience. Because the lens enhances the look, and gives you (effectively speaking) a ‘perfect’ iris, often in bolder color than nature may intend, it is eye-catching indeed. Yet it still is subtle and natural when they focus on your face, creating a stunning way to stand out from the crowd.

Reason #5 - Get Excited

One of the very best reasons to wear color contacts is because they can renew your enthusiasm and reinvigorate your spirit. Whether you’re a habitual prescription contact lens wearer who’s got tired of the daily grind, or a fashionista who has lost their sparkle, they offer you the perfect way to reignite your passion for fashion and be proud of how you look. 

Introduction to Dimple

Dimple is proud to offer you premium color contacts that doesn’t just look great, but feels great too. With our unique formulation, manufactured to only the highest standards in Australia, we help keep your eyes moisturized and comfortable, meaning you can wear your new contacts for longer, hassle-free.
We offer two fantastic ranges. Oh-so-soft Mellow, which offers a gentle, natural tint, and bold Hello, for a brighter pop of color. Are you keen to find the best color contact lenses for your eyes? Why not shop Dimple today, and experience true comfort and style.

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