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Types of Color Contact Lenses

Different Types of Color Contacts

Are you new to the fascinating world of color contacts? Not sure what the best color contacts for your needs are? Today the Dimple team breaks it down for you, so you can choose with confidence.

Enhancement Tint Color Contacts

Enhancement tint color contact lenses have the color applied to the lens so that it is translucent, or slightly see-through. This means that key structures of your own eye, including undertones of the natural color, can be seen through the color overlay. 
This type of color contact lens is used either to enhance the color of your natural iris, or to subtly shift it in a way that retains a lot of the ‘look’ of your eyes. You could, for example, use an enhancement tint to make a blue eye appear violet, greyer or greener, or to make a light brown eye darker, but it would not make brown eyes look green.

Opaque Tint Color Contacts

Opaque tint color contact lenses, on the other hand, apply a strong color over the iris. This means that you can completely disguise the look of your natural iris. Your natural color is disguised behind the opaque color on the lens. Some people worry that their natural iris will ‘pop out’ from behind the lens. This cannot happen unless the lens is removed. Remember that a contact lens is specially shaped to sit comfortably on the eyeball over the iris, so it will move naturally with your eye. 
If you’re hoping to greatly shift your eye color, this is the only viable option, especially if you happen to have dark eyes. Special effect contact lenses don’t attempt to appear natural, but work on a similar principle.

Visibility Tint Color Contacts

Visibility tint color contact lenses isn’t truly a color contact lens at all! Visibility tints are a convenience tint used to make thin, soft contact lenses floating in liquid easier to see. After all, the modern lenses are so thin and soft, it can be near impossible to grab the lens or identify it in the white contact case!
What’s the point of a clear lens? Many people want prescription contacts that don't change the look of their natural eye at all. The tiny amount of color used in a visibility tint won’t change their eye at all, but will make their life considerably easier every morning.

Theatrical Tint Color Contacts

As we mentioned above, theatrical and special effect tints are merely a special class of opaque color contact lens. They need to be opaque, because they need to completely disguise the performer’s natural eye. Many of them are used for fun, but unrealistic, iris tints. Imagine a hypnotic spiral, a galaxy exploding, or the look of a cat eye. Some go far beyond that, however, and also give the appearance of altering the wider eye surface. Think ‘zombie’ and ‘all black’ lenses. 
If you’re moving beyond theatrical tint color contacts into full-eye lenses, do be aware that the shape of the overall lens changes, covering more surface area of the eye. It can be uncomfortable to wear due to that. Many performers, actors, dancers, and cosplayers, however, use these lenses to enhance their art.

Introduction to Dimple

Now you know more about the types of color contact lenses, you can understand how to change the look of your eye so it’s just perfect for your needs.
Dimple is proud to bring you not one but two collections of premium color contact lenses. Every one of our color lenses is made to the highest standards in Australia, and uses a proprietary formula to create a lens that’s higher in moisture, and thus more comfortable on the eye, than you have ever experienced before. 
We can create our color lenses in prescriptions, too, so no one needs ever fear to have fun and experiment with what nature gives them. Our Mellow range creates a subtle effect, creating a thoroughly natural looking eye. With our Hello collection, our industry experts have used the very latest techniques, including the creation of an outer liminal ring in the lens’ iris, to make a color that pops without looking garish or artificial. 
We guarantee you’ll love the Dimple range of color contacts. So why not head over to our website and explore? We’ve listed our color contact lenses by eye color for your convenience, so have fun!

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