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Green Color Contacts

Have you always dreamed of exotic green eyes? Then it’s time you met the Dimple's green color contact lenses. Our high-quality, comfortable green color contacts will open a whole new vista for you, within and without.

Green Contact Lenses

It doesn’t matter whether you like to go all-natural, or you’re looking for a vivid effect, Dimple has color lenses for you. Our Hello bright green contacts offer you the vivacity of emerald, without looking cheap or theatrical. In the meantime, our Mellow range of natural green contacts that blend subtly with your own iris, creating a believable and seamlessly natural effect.

green contact lenses


Every Dimple color contact lens is subject to the same high standards of manufacture. We make them in an Australian facility, compliant with a wide range of global standards (FDA, TGA, CE). With our brand-new BioMoist technology, your color lenses will be encased in a formula that mimics the natural tear film of the eye, keeping it more moisturized than other brands.

Quality Control

Not that we just trust our manufacturing standards! We also make sure that every light green contact lens that leaves our facility meets only the best global standards. With Dimple’s color contacts, you can rest assured your eyes are in the right hands.

How to Pair

Want to make the most of your new look? Whether you went for bold and bright, or our light green eye contacts, here’s how to make them pop.

Eye Shadows

Matching the perfect eye shadow to your new eye shade will take a look from pretty to dazzling. Purple shades- from plum to lilac- have long been a staple for green eyes, but why stop there? Both Bronze and silver look fantastic, especially with a subtler green. Brighter shades can even make a charcoal smokey eye look just perfect.

Hair Color

Looking for a whole new you? If you’re shaking up your hair color along with your green contact lenses, then there’s almost no color you can’t consider. Of course, green eyes are classically linked to red hair shades, be it auburn, copper, or strawberry blonde. However, green and black, and a natural, pale green and blonde, both look fantastic too. And it’s a gorgeous way to spice up mousy brunettes, too!

Skin Tones

Skin tone should never be a reason not to enjoy our green-colored contact lenses. Green does look especially beautiful with a tan or olive skin, however. If you have a very pale skin, we’d suggest leaning towards the Mellow range, while a darker skin will want to look at the Hello range to ensure it doesn’t make their skin look ashy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Clean

You can clean your green eye contacts just like any other lens. Follow your lens cleaning solution’s instructions. It should be to remove them and apply a few drops of cleaner, rubbing gently for 15 seconds. Then they can be rinsed with a little more of the solution and securely stowed in a contact lens case.

Are Color Contacts Safe?

Color contacts are perfectly safe, provided you follow all the medically recommended guidelines for contact lens use. Make sure to be diligent with hygiene when handling them, and treat them well so they don’t harden and scratch your eye.

Can You Wear Green Color Contacts with Astigmatism

Toric green contacts are certainly available for those with astigmatism. They will need to be made for you- but Dimple can help! Be sure to get in contact with us.

Introduction to Dimple

Who We Are

It’s Dimple’s mission to reinvent the color contact lens for a new generation. From bright color contacts to perfectly natural-looking color lenses, we’re here to bring you high-quality, beautiful color contact lenses that are safe and long-lasting. When you try the Dimple difference, you’ll know why our happy customers keep coming back to us.

Why our lenses?

Our premium color contacts use the best manufacturing techniques and materials to bring you natural-looking color that’s safe, comfortable, and long-wearing. Tough enough to last, but gentle enough to keep your eyes happy, Dimple’s lenses are the perfect way to let your inner creative out to play.


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