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Color Contacts: A Quick Guide

Are you looking for chic and believable color contact lenses? Today the team at Dimple takes a quick look at all-things color contact lens, and how to make the best selection for your vibes and tastes.

Color Contact Lenses: An Overview

Color contacts are a fun way to switch up your eye color as easily as you change your shirt. It’s a fun way to extend your fashion sense and play with color, and many people enjoy wearing them.

History Of Color Contacts

The prototype of the color lens design stems from 1969, when the technology to diffuse a dye into a soft substance was first patented. At the time, however, and into the 80s, the only easily available contact lens type was the ‘hard’ lens. That’s not to say they were snoozing on the soft lens technology we now take for granted! It wasn’t until the 80s, however, that the first true color contacts emerged. Over time, they have become more sophisticated, and now can be found for a range of eye types, prescription wearers, and many more. 

How Color Contacts Are Made

Color contacts are, basically, the same as normal soft contact lenses, but with a realistic iris color imprint on the lens surface. This may be opaque or translucent, depending. When inserted correctly, this will mask over your real iris, creating the color change effect. This is why we encourage all wearers, even those who don’t need prescriptions, to have them properly fitted by an optometrist. This ensures a gentle fit, more comfort, and that your pupil and iris align properly with the tint. 

Different Color Contact Tints

Not all color contact lenses work the same. You will get different effects, depending on the amount of dye used and its opacity, as well as the intent of the lens. Here’s some common types you will encounter.

Enhancement Color Contacts

Enhancement tints are not opaque. They merely apply an overlay to the iris, for a subtle change. They are not useful for large color changes

Visibility Color Contacts

Visibility tints aren’t really color lenses. They have a tiny bit of dye applied so you can see the lens in solution. They will not change the look of your eye.

Opaque Color Contacts

Opaque tints fully conceal the color of your iris. These color contact lenses will enable you to drastically change your look, but can sometimes look less natural (if that’s your aim).

Theatrical Color Contacts

Sometimes called special effects lenses, theatrical color contacts aren’t trying to be realistic at all. Instead, they apply a range of effects to your eye. They are often used for festivals, Halloween, or in films and on stage.

Introduction to Dimple Color

Dimple has made it their mission to supply premium quality color contact lenses for both non-prescription and prescription wearers. Made with only the best quality materials to the highest possible standard, we make sure each undergoes a rigorous quality control process so your eyes receive only the best comfort and care.

Get The Best Color Contact Lenses

Poorly fitted contact lenses- like many substandard color lenses- can wear on the eye surface over time. This effect is exacerbated when the lenses limit oxygen permeability to the eye and encourage a dry, scratchy feel. On top of our immaculate quality control, we’ve developed a lens that’s naturally higher in moisture, ensuring more comfort while wearing. Made in Australia to the highest global standards (FDA, TGA, CE), with Dimple color contact lenses you know you can trust us.

Blue Color Contacts

Whether it’s the soft tinkle of a village stream or the thunder of storm clouds, blue is an evocative eye color that inspires. Why not try all the moods of blue out with our full range of blue color contact lenses?

Green Color Contacts

One of the most coveted eye colors around, green covers everything from soft pastel (try our Mellow collection) to rich emerald (head to the Hello collection). If you want to make your eyes pop, try a green color contact lens on for size.

Brown Color Contacts

Often underappreciated, brown color contact lenses bring depth and warmth to your face that’s hard to beat. Luminous yet subtle, it’s the perfect way to soften your look and create a natural-looking eye color that’s calm and sensuous.

Hazel Color Contacts

Hazel color contact lenses allow you to explore the mystique of this two-toned eye color. A little soft brown, a little luminous green, it’s an unusual and beautiful color that opens up a whole new vista of color for you.

Honey Color Contacts

Looking for a luminous brown that immediately stands out as unusual? Or are you a blonde who’d love the warm richness of brown but don’t like the dark look? Then honey colored contact lenses might be right for you.

Gray Color Contacts

Gray is one of the rarest eye colors in the world, and makes an amazing framework for your face. Versatile yet unusual, natural yet thoroughly striking, you’re sure to fall in love with our head-turning gray color contact lenses.

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